Truck Nation – The free transport and strategy game for real truckers

You’re an experienced truck driver, you’ve seen the world and you know the roads like the back of your hand. But after many long years of working tirelessly for the huge firm ‘The Corporation’ you were simply made redundant. Despite being a tough trucker, this really took it out of you. But then your energy came back. You borrow some cash from a couple of shady characters, call up a few of your old trucking buddies and found your own truck company…

The free-to-play trucking browser game with multi-player mode

Truck Nation is a multi-player transport and strategy game that can be played both online in your browser as well as on mobile devices. It’s all about trucks and well, above all, truckers. That’s because you can’t beat The Corporation on your own, but you might just have a chance if you get together with your team and other players, who share your fate and were likewise mistreated by The Corporation. Your trucking buddies are genuine guys, with their individual strengths and weaknesses, good and bad moods – but they’re always prepared to give their all for a better future and show the managers at The Corporation who’s boss.

The trucker association against The Corporation

In Truck Nation, several thousand truckers play with their truck companies, both with and against each other, on each game world. Up to 25 players are able to band together and form so-called associations that provide a whole range of benefits to their members. Players help each other out and invest in projects that they wouldn’t be able to achieve alone. Gradually, players gain control of cities and industries, forcing the dastardly firm The Corporation out of the competition. That’s when the new generation will rise as the new kings of the road…

More details about the browser game Truck Nation

A game round in the browser game Truck Nation spans exactly 12 weeks, which is divided into 5 eras, each lasting 2 weeks, and an exciting endgame that also lasts 2 weeks. The game is equally suited to newbies and advanced players alike and offers varied, strategical challenges for expert truckers, too. It can be played for free online with all common browsers; mobile versions for iOS/Android are currently in the pipeline.

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